Why You May Need Reading Intervention  

Did your child’s teacher recommend targeted reading intervention therapy? Are you an adult struggling to perform typical work duties, expand your career opportunities, or manage your household and finances because of challenges with reading and comprehension?

Reading intervention therapy helps both adults and children rediscover the joy of learning, gain confidence, and develop age-appropriate proficiency in their reading and comprehension skills. This article can help you determine whether you should schedule an appointment with a reading intervention specialist at TPI and learn more about this specialized service.

7 Signs That You or Your Child May Need Reading Intervention

Only doctors and certain licensed health care professionals can diagnose learning disorders, or learning “differences” as we prefer to call them at TPI. But there are several signs and symptoms that could mean you or someone you know has a learning difference, or struggles to read for some other reason.

Here are seven signs to look out for:

  1. They read very slowly. Assignments or activities that involve reading take a very long time, and tend to be rated as more difficult than expected.
  2. They struggle to sound out words or sight read.
  3. They have a hard time understanding, remembering, or comprehending what they read.
  4. Their spelling is poor and they may have unintelligible or very messy handwriting.
  5. They may receive low grades (or low performance ratings at work, as an adult), and may struggle with things like paying attention in class.
  6. They experience frustration, shame, anger, embarrassment, and other challenging emotions as it relates to schoolwork.
  7. They already have a diagnosed condition that could affect their learning, such as dyslexia, apraxia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), auditory processing disorder, selective mutism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or a developmental disorder.

What to Expect From Reading Intervention at TPI

Your or your loved one’s journey with personalized reading intervention in Sarasota and surrounding communities begins with an initial assessment by one of our reading and learning specialists. Generally, this will be done by one of our licensed speech therapists.

If you and our team determine your child could benefit from reading intervention, expect:

  • A chance to discuss your child’s specific learning and educational goals
  • Evidence-based, developmentally-appropriate exercises, games, and activities to improve reading comprehension, retention, and speed
  • Challenging yet fun interventions that will enhance your child’s overall reading, writing, and learning skills and help them actually look forward to their educational and academic career!

We know your role as your child’s primary caregiver is so important in their overall success. That’s why we involve you closely in the development and implementation of their reading intervention plan and will give you a manageable amount of activities to work on with them at home in order to maximize their therapy. We will do everything in our power to help you both succeed!

Our learning and reading intervention specialists are also happy to collaborate with your child’s other team members, including occupational therapists, physical therapists, teachers, pediatricians, psychologists, optometrists/ophthalmologists, employers, and social workers/case managers, to make sure the various cognitive, physical, social, and environmental factors affecting their learning are addressed to the fullest extent possible.

Are You Interested in Reading Intervention Near Sarasota, FL?

Learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Learning is a core element of life itself! If you’d like to learn more about reading intervention services for adults or kids near Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, or Bradenton, FL, contact Therapeutic Potentials, Inc. now at 941-758-3140.

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