Group and Individual School-Based Services for Communities Near Bradenton, Sarasota, and Lakewood Ranch, FL

Therapeutic Potentials, Inc. provides group and individual therapy services within public, charter, and private schools, plus daycare and preschool facilities throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties in Southwestern Florida.

Our school-based services including speech therapy and occupational therapy are designed to assist students in improving their learning, health, social skills, and overall well-being.


Children who can benefit from school-based services live with conditions such as:

  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Sensory processing disorder
  • Learning and developmental disabilities
  • Congenital disorders including Down syndrome
  • Neurological conditions, including cerebral palsy and brain injury
  • Visual and/or hearing impairments
  • Speech and language impairments
  • Mental health conditions such as depression, anorexia, and schizophrenia

Why Choose School-Based Services?

If you’re a parent, teacher, or school administrator who cares for students with special needs, we encourage you to consider school-based services.Students with access to school-based services can anticipate various advantages, including:

  • Individualized treatment in a familiar and convenient environment
  • Improvements in the academic and social experience
  • Improvements in students’ thinking, learning, and functional differences
  • Increased positive associations with the academic and learning environment
  • Enhanced collaboration and support from educators and community stakeholders
  • Reduced barriers to care for at-risk students

If you know a child who could benefit from individual or group therapy, our team is here to help with customized, cost-efficient, and compassionate care.

School-Based Services Benefit Students, Families, and Communities

At TPI, our Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists are uniquely trained in school-based services for children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs and goals of each student within the greater context of their school, community, and home environments.

In addition to their specialized training, our speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists collaborate closely with healthcare professionals, parents, educators, and community stakeholders. Together, they develop personalized care plans aimed at fostering success for each child both academically and in their daily lives.

Take a look at some of the services and solutions we provide:

Assessments for IEP and Service Plan

Our therapy team at TPI includes speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists. They are frequently involved in the implementation and progression of Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs) and Service Plans. These plans aim to ensure that children with disabilities receive the specialized instructions and services necessary for their success. We can assess your child to determine if they are eligible for an IEP or related service.

Student Communication, Hearing, Motor, and Developmental Screenings

Occupational therapists and speech language pathologists play essential role in identifying, treating, and monitoring the well-being of our communities’ youngest members. OTs and SLPs are experts in key areas related to childhood development, including language, learning, thinking, gross and fine motor skills, sensory processing, and hearing.

If your child or a student you know exhibits delays in one or more of these developmental areas, our team at TPI can help identify the child’s unique opportunities for improvement. We provide childhood screening services that promote earlier intervention, which can improve your child’s outcomes.

Individual and Group Therapy

School-based therapy, whether in groups or one-on-one, helps children improve various skills like motor, social, language, and problem-solving. This boosts their confidence and abilities, benefiting them in all aspects of life. Both group and individual therapy provide vital support for students with special needs.

Interdisciplinary TEAM Approach

At TPI, we rely on evidence-based practices to deliver high quality educational opportunities for our students and fellow caregivers. We implement the Interdisciplinary TEAM Approach for generalization and carryover of student goals, along with TEAM training opportunities and in-services for teachers and support staff. We fully support local schools in their missions to create a culture of education, inclusivity, and equal access for all students.

See Your Students Succeed

If you are a school director interested in working with our speech language pathologists and occupational therapists, or if you’d like to learn more about our comprehensive screenings, assessments, in-services, and other school-based services, contact TPI at 941-758-3140.